Mastering the Fundamentals: Understanding DevOps in today’s world

A presentation at DevOpsDays Kansas City 2024 in in Kansas City, MO, USA by Laura Santamaria

People over process over tools. Why do we say that when we talk about DevOps? How does that phrase explain the basics of this transformation? Let’s talk about it!

In this talk, we’ll dig down into the fundamentals of DevOps to understand why it’s still relevant today in a world full of hot takes and new paradigms like platform engineering. In particular, we’ll explore the typical people problems that block organizational changes in processes, why changing tools won’t fix the underlying cultural issue, and how you can use this knowledge to help your organization make a successful transformation, whether that’s a classic DevOps transformation or adding the platform engineering idea to your already successful DevOps world. Whether you’re an individual contributor, a manager, or an executive, let’s explore why successful organizational change requires us to think of people over process over tools.